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Technologically Superior Manufacturing Process

For Spiritually Charged Incense Sticks
Investing in technology to improve the conventional manufacturing processes is one of our underlying philosophies behind starting MS Agarbatti. By researching extensively about the manufacturing process, we build state-of-the-art infrastructure to produce high-grade incense sticks for Indian and global markets.
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Agarbatti Manufacturing Units of M.S. in Gandhinagar

  • Our manufacturing facilities, covering an area of 28000 sq. ft. are located at two locations in Gandhinagar, India. Separate facilities help us in maintaining quality standards essential for producing differentiated product lines. All our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and highly-experienced production experts who have perfected our intervening manufacturing process over the years.
  • With dedicated areas for compound preparation, packaging, research and development, quality control, sorting and storage, our facilities are nothing short of a modern marvel dedicated to improving the spiritual quotient among the human society.

Overview of Process of Incense Sticks Manufacturing

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    Manual Glazing

    Bamboo sticks are glazed using fragrant constituents using hand rolling techniques.

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    Aromatic Oil Infusion

    Aromatic oil is added to the mixture for enhancing the aromatic appeal of the incense stick

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    Sorting & Bundling

    Sticks are rolled and evenly-rolled are sorted and bundled together.

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    Adding Perfume

    All the sticks are dipped into pristine and 100% natural scents according to their perfume.

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    Produced incense sticks are packaged in tamper-proof packaging and prepared for dispatch.