MS Agarbatti began its journey of growth in the year 2013 by manufacturing and trading a wide range of Agarbatti.

The Harbinger of Saintly Aura… for Deeply Spiritual Souls!

Founded in the year 2013 by Mr. Dhimant B Patel- fondly known as MS Bapu, MS Agarbatti is one of the most spiritual and fastest growing incense stick brands of India. Based in Ahmedabad, MS Agarbatti brought modern processes, techniques and technologies to reinvigorate the incense stick manufacturing segment in the country.

With humble beginning as a proprietorship firm, MS Agarbatti grew rapidly. The brand incorporated Meldimaa Sadhimaa Sons Pvt. Ltd. in 2017 and soon became a leading manufacturer and exporter of incense sticks in India.

Blending our quality promise with the need for spiritual enlightenment in the country, we started manufacturing high-quality incense sticks for the spiritual souls. Providing a full range of high-quality loose, scented and packaged sticks, MS Agarbatti enjoys a dominant position in the market and boasts of advanced manufacturing, QA and R&D capabilities to provide best-quality products to the end-customers.

Catering to both rural and urban markets, MS Agarbatti is devoted to Hindu deity Meldi Maa and derives inspiration from the traditional Indian scriptures to create authentic incense sticks and custom products for sale in Indian market and exports to different countries around the globe.

We boast of supplying high-grade incense sticks to leading retailers, hyper marts and grocery stores including, Reliance Smart, Food World, Nilgiris, Heritage, Food Express, Auchan Spar among others. MS Agarbattis are also exported to different countries around the globe strengthening our proposition as a quality incense sticks manufacturer and exporter in India.


Our Spiritual Philosophy

  • Our spiritual faith is something that gives us the power to fight all odds and grow as a human. Realizing the power of spiritual faith, we believe that every human should be given equal opportunity to discover this divine power and benefit, equally. Through our goal of providing incense sticks at affordable prices, we are not just focused on achieving business goals, but help distracted humans in creating an alluring aura around themselves that can channelize their thoughts towards the divine and make their lives much more fulfilling.
  • Through our pure incense sticks, we spiritually aim to touch every person’s soul and show him/her a way to connect with God and live a peaceful life. We do not believe in preaching but encouraging people to act. With our simple solution such as a scented agarbatti, we aim to relax the body, mind and soul so that a human can think about his/her spiritual goals and how he/she wishes to fulfill them in this mortal life with divine intervention.
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  • We envision endowing every household with the divine scent of high-quality incense sticks and spark a guiding spiritual flame in the country, taking the nation to greater heights. Through high-grade incense sticks, the company envisions spreading a divine revolution that will spark the flame of spiritual enlightenment and awake masses from their religious ignorance and drive them towards the path of the divine.
  • In the future, our vision is to cover all parts of India including metro cities, small towns and cities as well as tribal areas by opening company offices and depots in all the states of India. Also, we look forward to producing various kinds of perfume-based products like room and car air fresheners, deodorants, perfumes and incense oils.


  • To disrupt the conventional incense stick manufacturing process to make it more efficient and provide affordable incense sticks to help humans practice their faith and dive into the spiritual aura. By creating a well-organized system to manufacture incense sticks, MS Agarbatti aims at bringing high-quality incense sticks and other products at an affordable cost for helping people practice their religion and worship the divine.


MS Agarbatti Team

Team MS Agarbatti enjoys a domineering authority in the incense stick manufacturing segment of the country. With highly-trained procurement agents, experienced warehousing experts, astute quality controllers, wise administrative professionals and other staff members, the team is committed to achieve maximum efficiency and promote customer satisfaction.
All the members of the team are committed to the company’s mission of providing affordable incense sticks and are inspired by the spiritual philosophy of the organization. The experience, expertise and core values practiced by the team gives them the strength to improve productivity and take MS Agarbatti to great heights.