Who We Are

MS Agarbatti is a leading name in incense stick manufacturing segment of the country and offers a complete range of high-quality loose, scented and packaged sticks. Through our pure incense sticks, we aim to connect everyone’s soul to his/her spiritual master and help him attain divine peace in life.
With a complete range of high-quality incense sticks under its portfolio, MS Agarbatti is a name to reckon with in national and international incense stick manufacturing domain. Advanced manufacturing facilities, dedicated QA labs and a fragrant product portfolio help MS Agarbatti in producing authentic incense sticks for every consumer segment and devout soul.

Our Superior Product Range

MS Agarbatti manufactures several unique varieties of incense sticks that are known for natural aroma and high-quality.

Authentic Collection

With sweet and authentic fragrances of nature, our authentic premium range gives you the power to endow a heavenly aura.


Harmony Series

Traditional black incense sticks in natural fragrances like firdaus, bouquet, musk and more to help you pray and connect to god.


Premium Zipper Series

Convenient, royal and divine, premium zipper box collection comes in a variety of divine aromas and is available in a box of 20 grams.


Royal Masala Series

Topped with natural fragrances of mogra, rose, kevda, loban and sandal, Royal Masala incense sticks gives out divine aromas.


Dhoop Sticks

Enriched with pristine naturally divine aromas, Dhoop Sticks Premium Range is available in 10 sticks packaging.


Export Quality

International-grade incense sticks manufactured using superior raw materials and exported to different countries.


Magical Collection

Special three in one incense sticks for magically divine aromas to awaken the spiritual senses.

Our Products

Fragrance is the King

Why To Buy M.S. Agarbatti
Being a pioneer in incense stick manufacturing, MS Agarbatti has been producing high-quality sticks with 100% natural ingredients and fragrances. Employing our manufacturing expertise, we have mastered the art of developing, producing and distributing a unique range of fragrant incense sticks that are known for a distinct and spiritual aroma and tamper-proof packaging. Apart from these attributes, our incense sticks are known for:
  • 100% natural ingredients and fragrances without any synthetic or chemical component
  • Low smoke and long-lasting burning capabilities
  • Charcoal-free incense sticks made using fresh saw dust and natural raw materials
  • Tamper-proof packaging with fragrance lock and reducing chances of impurities
  • International-grade incense sticks produced as per international manufacturing and quality standards

M. S. Agarbatti® Presents

Immerse your Fears & Apprehensions in the Spiritual Aroma of MS Agarbatti.
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